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Thirty-one years ago in 1992, I wrote a book, titled: "Cloud Dancing" based on a place were a person might "arrange" their thoughts.

BUT before that a place existed like a heavenly library where your thoughts could be stored.... long after the words, photos and "RECIEPTS" were forgotten.

It was "the Cloud".........

"Cloud Computing" is believed to have been "invented" in the 1960's by J.C.R. Licklider during his work on ARPANET.

(How'd you like to grow up with that name)❓

Later on in 1983, CompuServe offered something like it to consumers. I, like many during that era, trying to master our computer skills with dialup modems and using early versions of DOS after April 30, 1993 to access the Internet, took some advantage of "Cloud Computing". Lo and behold, my book eventually went out of print.....but if you retained that old equipment and skills, IT LIVES ON.

ALL OF THIS SETS THE SCENE....for today's blog post. August 26, 2023.

Last evening, I was poking around in the "Cloud" (the modern one) and discovered safe & secured, a gigantic cache of EVIDENCE going back eons, some collected during my years holding leadership positions on the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee.

AND SO BECAUSE OF THIS DISCOVERY CHOCK FULL OF GREAT STUFF, IT'S NOW TIME TO TALK A LITTLE MORE about that despicable character who masquerades as a "leader among his peers", one who despite his limited education achievements pretends to be a scholar of such proportion that it's exceeded only by the size of his immense head - known to all as the clown-of-clowns, Bradley Lang.

✳️(Others may soon follow as necessity requires now that "the Cloud" has produced a little rain....the Sun of course follows...and you know how TRUTH LOVES sunlight). 🌞

ONCE AGAIN FOR those in the back of the room.....The details of a complaint -



In his SUPERSECRET DEFCON 1 LEVEL SECURITY EMAIL ("widely" circulated on August 9, 2023 I might add),

.......he begins HIS RESPONSE to my blogging about his "indiscretions" with ad hominem personal attacks about me because he lacks any real substance to defend his alleged criminal acts contained in an official complaint filed with the State Board of Elections Campaign Finance Division OR his blatant violations of Republican Party Bylaws contained in a Ethic Complaint by a member of the County Party Central Committee.........incidental to him, as I pointed out, the criminal complaint was NOT filed by me (and of course neither was the Ethics Complaint to the County Party), but he decides I should be the subject of his personal attack:

Bradley Lang, Baltimore County Republican't Party District Representative/Baltimore County Party Central Committee Secretary/ChairBoy of Organization and Rules Subcommittee.....Senior "Aide" to Baltimore County Councilman David Marks, ViceChair of the Maryland Federation of Unprincipled College, Metrosexual "boys" and the girls who don't date them. (The MFUCMBG+) 😎


"I won’t say much about the allegations Mr. William T. “Guardrail” Newton is making about me, other than that, like him, they are toothless. This is a ten-month-old, minor campaign finance infraction, which the State Board of Elections confirmed to the Chairwoman of the Central Committee that in the unlikely case that the state board decided to take action on it, the most serious penalty would have been a small fine. Only a man of such infinitesimally low character would attempt to assassinate someone’s character over something so minimal. In fact, the day after the Councilman and I were made aware of the potential issue a letter was sent to the Board of Elections explaining the situation and I was removed and replaced as Treasurer."

👉🏽(THERE he attempts to minimize his egregious violation of the law....but inadvertently ADMITS TO THE CRIME).


"Perhaps what the committee should be discussing, is Newton’s incredibly low character and repeated, dastardly actions. When he calls the committee, myself, and Ms. Smero criminals, Mr. Newton is engaging in a gross case of projection."

⚠️How's THAT from one of YOUR Republican Party Representatives❓

THIS FROM a person who has a history of making defamatory claims about others....along with the company he keeps. Above LANG used the phrase: "assassinate someone's character".... 🤔

Most people don't remember when he was sued for it.....but I DO.

✳️(Just because the ELECTED Maryland State Delegate did not attend the court hearing causing it to be dismissed.... presumably because he was actually doing HIS job....DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT that Lang & others DID utter defamatory claims about the Delegate.

👉🏽I WAS IN THE ROOM. I WAS A WITNESS. And was privy to ALL the other actions that followed by the defendants....including the recorded remarks - lies - by one of his fellow CO-DEFENDANTS during a floor speech at the State Convention in front of over 200 other people.....Don't think for a second that I don't have that evidence)‼️

✳️ see attached photo from the video.

I also was a witness along with more than 25 others, when LANG & his CO-DEFENDANTS (only one has since resigned) were served court papers during a public monthly meeting of the County Party Central Committee charging them with DEFAMATION.

(Yeah, gotta photo of that too AND a video from somebody STILL "serving" on that County Committee)‼️ 🤫

You just gotta love "the Cloud", Dontcha❓

.....THEN, there was the social media posts - all saved & secure, like the one from Lang's "boy" friend who came to his defence..... calling the ELECTED Republican Delegate "a notorious drunken reprobate".

♦️IMAGINE just recently on August 14, 2023 the author of that social media post was sworn in as a NEW member of the Baltimore County Republican't Central Committee (BCRCC). He filled a vacancy caused by yet another resignation....this time, by the Administration & Ethics Subcommittee Chairwoman, who quit because the County Party Chairwoman Patricia Fallon seized control of the Subcommittee without authority during a hearing about those charges against Lang, aided by Lang's "friends" resulting in those violations of Party Bylaws AND alleged criminal accusations of campaign finance laws now being covered up‼️

The news coming up in September, as reported by a local radio station, with the assistance of Lang's "writing" input, Kathi Smero (who is the subject of several ethics and criminal complaints herself) is submitting a CHANGE TO THE COUNTY PARTY BYLAWS, to permit the County Chair to "select" preferred Subcommittee members without any oversight by the members of the FULL County Central Committee, thereby granting power to "stack the Committees" with people of no sense of right and wrong.


because as an un-Elected private citizen,

I dare to speak TRUTH‼️ 😉

.....right along with anyone else that has INTEGRITY and exposes them.

♦️AND don't forget I RESIGNED from that same County Party Central Committee because of it's illegal acts, violations of Bylaws and cover-ups of Ethics complaints against other members....

(I wonder if Ray remembers his role)❓🤔





FIRST AMENDMENT - The blogger.

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