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"The Marks Affair"

THIS HAS COME TO MY ATTENTION through a media source seeking comment - (READ my comments at the very end).......



THE OFFICIAL COMPLAINT AS FILED BY A CITIZEN VOTER (also a similar complaint was filed by a member of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee to the County Party Administration and Ethics Subcommittee):

"[PARKVILLE, MD, JUNE 19, 2023] - An official complaint has been filed with the State Board of Elections.

In light of this recent development, attention must be brought to what appears to be a clear violation of Maryland Campaign Finance Laws by the Councilman David Marks’ campaign.

As per Maryland State Board of Elections Sec. 2.8, Maryland Election Law Article 13-215(b)(1)(i), it is prohibited to serve as a treasurer for any political committee including one's own while also being a candidate.

It has been discovered that Councilman David Marks has had a member of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee (BCRCC), Bradley Lang, as his treasurer since 2018. Bradley Lang currently holds an executive position as Secretary on the BCRCC and has been in this role since 2020.

Further, in late September 2022, there was a hurried attempt to cover up this illegal relationship.

According to sources with first-hand knowledge, Councilman Marks allegedly has tried to defend this violation of Maryland Law by claiming "as a former member of the BCRCC" that he was unaware of any County Party Bylaws it violated.

This statement is misleading, as the violation in question pertains to Maryland State Law as outlined above and not the BCRCC's bylaws.

The complaint included evidence of what appears to be a deliberate attempt to conceal the violation of State law by Councilman Marks' campaign.

It is crucial for the public to be aware of any potential breaches of campaign finance laws to ensure transparency, integrity, and accountability in political processes.

Therefore authorities must thoroughly investigate this matter and take the necessary actions to uphold the integrity of the electoral system."

{end of official complaint & petition to State Board of Elections Campaign Finance Division}



There is ample enough evidence to prove the allegations made in this official complaint against BOTH of these individuals, leaving but two questions left to be answered:

♦️1) Will the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee address this violation of Maryland Law by one of their members, who was also a candidate at the time❓

♦️2) Will the State Board of Elections ignore this blatant violation of Maryland Law by sweeping the complaint under the rug and by NOT forwarding it to the State Prosecutor's office for charges❓

✳️ Regardless, in my opinion there IS a conflict of interest when a member is also employed by an elected official as Lang is in this case and as a member of the BCRCC he is expected to abide by ethics rules of the Committee to NOT "support in any manner" one Republican over another in a contested Primary, as he did. (Article 1 Section 2 Part F - BCRCC BYLAWS). Clearly as an employee AND campaign Treasurer while being a member that should raise a red flag, even to that clown show, but let's remain focused on the violations of State law.....

👉🏽.... What's even worse, Lang is ALSO the Chair of the Organization and Rules Subcommittee tasked with compliance by "reviewing the BCRCC's Bylaws in relation to regulations imposed by Maryland State Election Laws."

👉🏽.... As a disclaimer I should state that I don't have any particular "ax to grind" with either of these people.....when I was an elected District Representative and as a ViceChair of the BCRCC, Lang served under me on the Organization and Rules Subcommittee to which I was that Chairman. He was a novice without any real experience and like most young people today feel they deserve to be the "boss" without earning it. As far as Marks goes.... he's not in my District or my representative on the County Council so he's somebody else's problem. They get what they "se-lected" and in his case, a liberal pandering Hogan Republicrat.

👉🏽.... It's long been observed by me over a number of years, there is a culture of corruption and malfeasance within this County political party entity, which lead me to resign my positions in 2020, so this is no surprise.


Many of Mr. Lang's other political associations have been the subject of investigations and controversies.

Here's one....

#NewtonSaidIt FIRST‼️ ✅

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