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More about those lunatics with the God complex.....

LET’S ADDRESS THIS “News Release” from the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee (BCRCC) dated JUNE 28, 2022…..

and RESPONSE from William T. Newton June 29, 2022

🔴 Subject line:


(As the letter reads): Ms Smero, the Chairperson, claims they “formally voted to condemn” the theft of a Daren Badillo campaign sign by Pat McDonough. THE “ACCUSATION” WAS BROUGHT TO THE BALTIMORE COUNTY REPUBLICAN CENTRAL COMMITTEE in May BY BADILLO!

NOTE: Only a member can file a complaint with the Central Committee. (BOTH are “Republicans” running for the SAME County office... neither are members)‼️

This “prompted” Smero to convene a "special" meeting of the Admin & Ethics Subcommittee (A&E) to consider a response. Further the letter states: “A Resolution was drafted by (A&E) and PASSED by the full committee in executive session….”.

After the Resolution was read in open session it wasn’t released until some time later because of a threat of a lawsuit by McDonough. (Oh, what courage they have, being so sure of their accusations and right to interfere in Primary elections that they hid).

✳️ As it came to past, McDonough WON the Primary and Badillo ENDORSED him!


*️⃣ SO LET’S break this down…… Since I was the most recent “author” of the County Party Bylaws (at the time), I am in a good position to explain them. Also, it should be known beforehand that NOT every member of the A&E was part of the “proposing or writing of the Resolution” and so, it did NOT carry ‘unanimous’ support and may well be a violation of process for that and other actions that I will explain.

*️⃣ Be it known that only a member can “bring a claim” to the A&E for consideration and the subcommittee only has authority to address acts or violations BY MEMBERS of the BCRCC. ♦️(Neither Badillo or McDonough are members). Article 1 section 6 – Administration & Ethics Subcommittee authority and responsibilities.

It has been privately expressed to me that a recently “appointed” member filling a vacancy offered to advance the “claim” for review.

✳️(That has the stench of political cover up and favoritism but still doesn’t grant the action in this case because it involves two Republican candidates in the same race who ARE NOT MEMBERS.

✔️Did I tell you I was previously the 2nd ViceChair, the elected District 3 Representative, Chairman of the Organization & Rules Committee & Parliamentarian of the BCRCC?). SO HERE WE GO -----

*️⃣ Article 1 Section 10 B of the Bylaws – addresses the ‘duties and authority” EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (EC) and there is NO SUCH AUTHORITY beyond “formulating policy” within the organization and “making recommendations” to the full Central Committee (BCRCC) and some menial administrative housekeeping duties.

The EC has no authority to admonish or steer any discussion relating to the conduct of Republican candidates; unless that candidate is a member of the BCRCC and the “conduct” IS related to that member’s status. PERIOD!

*️⃣ AT THIS JUNCTURE, I question the process which was described in the “News Release”….. Article 1 Part A-B, Meetings REQUIRES that a “special meeting” (much like a “regularly scheduled meeting”) MUST:

✅1) provide due notice to the full membership of the BCRCC,

✅2) publish the agenda 5 days prior to the meeting,

✅3) reach a “quorum” to vote on anything and requires 2/3rds in favor for anything to pass,

✅4) the quorum is based on the number of currently serving, registered AND recognized on file with the Maryland Board of Elections…not just those present in the meeting or “appointed” at the last minute. So unless these rules of procedure were followed, ALL of this is improper and when it violates Bylaws, it’s also ILLEGAL under Party and State law.

*️⃣ IT’S PAINFULLY CLEAR that this “act” by the BCRCC is a violation of the State Party & County Bylaws which in-turn violates Maryland Election Law. The Bylaws are clear that the State & County Party apparatus CANNOT “support in any other manner” ANY Republican candidate over another in a contested Republican Primary.

👉🏽 Creating this “News Release” to disparage one candidate has the effect of undermining his campaign while favoring another prior to the Primary IS A VIOLATION OF THE BYLAWS. (And it’s NOT the first time this County Republican Party has ignored the law).

*️⃣ THEN WE HAVE the quote from BCRCC 1st ViceChair Ray Boccelli in the “News Release” (a former Democrat himself) that not only stands in contradiction to the Bylaws it is laughable given his - and Smero’s - history of mismanagement and malfeasance in office.

👉🏼Smero is NOW running to become a member of the Maryland House of Delegates 2022 cycle..... that's a whole "nuther kettle of illegal fish"!

👉🏼Mr Boccelli of course also serves as the Chair of A&E Subcommittee that advanced this ridiculous “resolution” and probably has his eye on becoming the next Chairman of the BCRCC.

Boccelli proclaims: “If we don’t stand up to dirty politics within our own party, we have no right to stand up to it by democrats”.

❌ SO Let’s ask him why he never gave any review/hearing of my official complaint against Smero when I held leadership positions in the BCRCC (official complaint file attached)…..

❌ OR why he also covered up the 5-6 Ethics complaints brought against Klacik or mentions her verbal assault on two Republican candidates in her same race, both sitting members of the BCRCC at the time?

The answer is: to protect her during HER 2020 congressional Primary race! (We will save that for another day soon). Where was his integrity and outrage about “dirty politics” and defense of the 1st Amendment then?


ANY political organization that fears the TRUTH.....if it is actually the TRUTH.....and will not publish it because of that fear. Don't you question what else they are not telling you? I cannot answer for everyone else BUT I WANT THE TRUTH ALWAYS! 🤔 #NewtonSaidIt

BUT BEFORE I close let me add: I AM THE 2022 REPUBLICAN NOMINEE for the Maryland State Senate

and I CAN wait until after the Primary as I am not being if they are afraid of a lawsuit now they ought to be seriously worried about the possibility of a "class action" suit afterward by a whole lot of Republicans that have been slandered by this "lawless" group that is in existence for ONLY ONE PURPOSE - TO SUPPORT ALL REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES.

I KEEP HEARING about their continued treachery to undermine the honest candidates in their own Party.

Those little birdies just keep chirping and chirping and chirping. 🐦🐦🐦


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