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Edition # 112


“The flak only gets heavy when you’re over the target.” ~ Anonymous WWII Bomber Pilot


"Every breath you take

And every move you make

Every bond you break

Every step you take

I'll be watching you

Every single day

And every word you say

Every game you play

Every night you stay

I'll be watching you".🎶🎶

Last night's meeting of the impotent palace eunuchs, the Baltimore County Republican't Central Committee....was another display of their usual mismanaged "animal house" food fight, filled with bias, racism, mental deficiency and in-fighting. In short, COMPLETE DISARRAY......

THEY WERE ATTEMPTING TO FURTHER AMEND their county essentially restrict not only the Freedom of Speech of members but also believing they have the POWER to control what ELECTED Republicans can say AND WHAT THE PUBLIC IS ALLOWED TO SAY..... instead of working to GET REPUBLICANS ELECTED.

These people are steeped in hypocrisy and have lost touch with reality. The Baltimore County REPUBLICAN'T Central Committee is as bad as the Biden Administration.....with at least one difference - the BCRCC is in control of NOTHING.....even their own incontinence. (Seems they continue to "wet" themselves).

Those "red line" additions to the ridiculous bylaws are as childish as the Bylaw amendment itself.

These people think they're legal scholars.

As a candidate, they can't tell me what to do (or censure me) and simply don't support me (and others THEY don't like anyway)

....So what's the point.

Further, if an elected person (one holding public office decides to say anything that a CC member doesn't agree with), the CC has no authority to DO anything. They're simply powerless to restrict the First Amendment right of anyone‼️

ALSO it would be a violation on them to NOT support ANY Republican (Elected, Nominee or Republican Candidate AFTER the Primary).....ITS THE PRIMARY DUTY, RESPONSIBILITY & REASON the CC exists in the first place....

They are passing bylaws that only further their own irrelevance.

The "Committee" doesn't seem worried about people talking, just when it's the TRUTH - ABOUT THEM.....with supporting evidence that backs it up, everytime.

⚠️ MESSAGE TO CHAIRWOMAN FALLON......(and your idiot clown show posse):

You should spend your time following & upholding the Bylaws, fulfilling YOUR duties as the Chair INSTEAD OF TALKING ABOUT ME, a private citizen.....and adopting positions that y'all think will stop me from PUBLISHING THE TRUTH.

♦️Let me remind you of two legal decisions that instantly come to mind: New York Times v. Sullivan & and the most recent, Klacik v. Owens. Study up‼️

👉🏽 Oh‼️That's are all really just fascists liberals pretending to be principled defenders of the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and rule of law.

Afterall, the hypocrisy on full display is when people like Al Mendelsohn, Bradley Lang, Kathi Smero & others on the Central Committee.... like Deb Sullivan (and there are more) support a Bylaw amendment that describes exactly WHAT THEY'RE GUILTY OF DOING, while ignoring the rest of the Bylaws.....I'm being kind when I say it's spelled:

M-O-R-O-N-S 😂

✳️ Mendelsohn:

✳️ Lang:

✳️ Smero:

✳️ Sullivan:

👉🏽 Let's review some of Chairwoman Fallon's "dysfunctions":

👉🏽 EVEN LOCAL "Conservative" talk radio called her out‼️

♦️ Maybe you could PASS A BYLAW that controls Free Speech on the radio too‼️🤣

🤔 A guy has to wonder if they even comprehend that the Leftist Judiciary is trying to do the same thing to a presidential candidate...

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