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Updated: Nov 11, 2023

INFORMATION DUMP (secure it, copy it fast).

I just got off the phone after a discussion about Election software and the coordination between the various state's Election Administrators.

You might find the following information eye-opening.


ON NOVEMBER 9, 2020 I posted the following entire "information dump" on Facebook that you are now about to read. 👇🏽

SINCE the original posting, many of the claims have been "zuckerberged" by fact checkers as "false" of course but unlike the propagandists at Facebook, I use sourcing. We can debate the origins but not the researchable facts.




Chairman of the Board of Smartmantics - Dominion Voting Systems manufactured voting machines used in Michigan, Georgia/33 U.S. states is Mark Malloch Brown, serves on the Open Societies Foundation Board (founded by George Soros- Malloch Brown's ties to Soros are strong and many.)



Our leadership team comprises U.S. election and technology experts proficient in all aspects of election systems and voting technologies across all U.S. voting jurisdictions.


Mark Malloch Brown's ties to the Globalist agenda are deep. Look at his 2012 book: "The Unfinished Global Revolution”


Lord Mark Malloch Brown is integral to the World Economic Forum (Recall His Excellency, Abp. Vigano's Letter to President Trump) and the Great Reset:


Open Society Foundation - Global Board Members

Mark Malloch Brown


The Clinton Fnd has ties to Dominion Voting Systems as well:

While much of the Clinton connections get blocked or mysteriously disappear, some still remain on servers through other ambiguous resources. For example:

"The DELIAN Project: Democracy Through Technology | Clinton Foundation" on Scribd.


Look here too. Ties to Clinton's


This only scratches the surface. Pay attention. Focus on your gut feeling here. How could @JoeBiden

possibly be outvoted by @realDonaldTrump without #Frawd


This article in 2018 about Smartmatic, Mark Malloch and the ties to Soros. Footnotes included.


Truly shocking since Mark Malloch-Brown owes much of his whole career to Soros. Close associated of Soros for decades.


Smartmatic is originally a Venezuelan company, used by the Venezuelan dictatorship to mess the elections there and abroad.


SMARTMATIC the company in charge of the FRAUDULENT Voting System in Venezuela

Today's reality in the RICHEST COUNTRY in Latin America !!!

Smartmatic is originally a Venezuelan company, used by the Venezuelan dictatorship to mess the elections there and abroad.


Smartmatics is the company that have been Used by Chavez and Maduro for counting Votes in Venezuela for the last 20 years. This documentary explains how they have committed fraud Repeatedly

Conexiones Peligrosas

Premiered 10 hours ago

Video 36 mins 31 secs


The voting system in question 'Dominion' is yet another attempt to mock God...

'And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion'

Genesis 1:26

The enemy copies & twists everything,

God is not mocked.


3. The system shall be utilized in a configuration of parallel central election management systems separated by an "air-gap" where (1) a permanent central system known to be running unaltered, certified software and firmware is used solely to define elections and program voting equipment

and memory cards (2) a physically-isolated duplicate system, reformatted after every election to guard against the possibility of infection, is used solely to read memory cards containing vote results, accumulate - and tabulate those results and produce reports, and (3) a separate computer dedicated solely to this purpose is used to reformat all memory devices before they are connected to the permanent system again.

4. No substitution or modification of the voting system shall be made with respect to any component of the voting system, including the Use Procedures, until the Secretary of State has been notified in writing and has determined that the proposed change or modification does not impair the accuracy or efficiency of the voting system sufficient to require a re-examination and approval.

5. Election Systems and Software, Inc. shall deposit an exact copy of the trusted build files to a State of California approved escrow facility within 10 business days. These build files along with the source code and all associated software and firmware shall be escrowed in a California approved source code escrow facility, pursuant to California Elections Code section 19212. Pursuant to California Code ofRegulations section 20641, within five working days, the vendor shall certify to each affected election jurisdiction, with a copy to the Secretary of State, that it has placed the software in escrow.


All voting systems in the 50 feed their data into Election Managenent Systems by SCYTL, GCR, ARRIKAN, VR Sys. The network components are firewalled but accessible from the Internet (aaarghh!). SCYTEL Data go to Barcelona and Frankfurt, Germany (no joke!). Unlimited ways to alter data!!!!

THEN there's THIS‼️ Remember we heard about those servers in Italy and Germany.....then afterward, the media said it wasn't true❓


These are the same machines they used here in the Philippines in 2010, 2013 & 2016 elections where vote switching during tabulations occurred.


Dominion is partly the former Diebold, which the entire left was convinced stole Ohio for Bush in 2004.

This is what the left used to think of that company and what it was capable of:


And we find out that Nancy Pelosi owns part of this DOMINION software company with Diana Feinsten husband

Who is a member of her team?


The election software in Michigan switched 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden is called "Dominion." It is used in 30 states including:







Pennsylvania Every single major swing state. EVERY SINGLE ONE.


The 30 States that use SMARTMANTICS - DOMINION election software:








New Mexico













New York

New Hampshire



New Jersey









The same company that did fraud in Venezuela and admitted it. And now are located in UK.


HUGE!: Official 2016 testimony of how the Dominion voting machines can be hacked with 100 lines of code

Dominion voting machines - congressional oversight committee transcript, follows:



Mr. Lieu. Can you explain how you hacked the machine and if

there's any reason why we would want a machine with no paper

ballots? Wouldn't we always want a backup in case something was


Mr. Appel. Yes. I'll be happy to explain. The machine that

I hacked is called the Sequoia AVC Advantage. It's now called

the Dominion AVC Advantage. It's in use in almost all of New

Jersey and in all of Louisiana and a few counties of

Pennsylvania and other States.

The computer program that counts the votes on this machine

is in a read-only memory that's mounted in a socket on the

motherboard. To hack this machine, you have to remove that

memory chip from its socket and install a memory chip on which

you've prepared a cheating program. The cheating program that I

prepared has an extra 100 lines of code basically that when the

polls are about to close, it goes in there and changes some

votes stored in the machine. And there is an electronic log of

all votes cast, so it changes the log too.

So to install that, the attacker doesn't need to be a

computer scientist. The attacker just needs to have a bunch of

copies of this memory chip with the program on it. And for each

voting machine, unscrew 10 screws to remove the panel that

covers the motherboard, pry out the ROM chip containing the

legitimate program, and install the ROM chip containing the

fraudulent program.

Other kinds of voting machines store their computer program

that counts the votes in flash memory, and this can be updated

under the control of whatever computer program happens to be

running in the voting machine. These voting machines, typically

the generation developed in the 1990s and after, can be hacked

without actually physically changing any hardware in the

machine just by installing a software upgrade memory card in

the same slot that one would normally install the ballot


And this particular attack was demonstrated by my colleague

at Princeton, Professor Felten, in about 2007, working with two

of his graduate students. But it's not just us at Princeton.

There are many kinds of voting machines, and the same kinds of

hacks are applicable to all voting machines and have been

demonstrated at several other universities, including the

University of Connecticut, Johns Hopkins, Michigan, and others.



In 2017 I handed over 450+ pages of documents from the the FBI's database to the HPSCI. Included in those documents was one that identified a common tabulation software by Dominion Voting Systems. It was being integrated into all electronic voting machines. The owner was the...

...former chairman of the George Soros Foundation. I saw the potential for exactly what we are seeing today. An intentionally altered tabulation from the vote count. What was worse was the FBI's assessment that everything was safe. They completely ignored the monopoly by a...

...partisan company to control the tabulation software for almost all electronic voting machines.

Of all the documents I handed over, this was the one document that was Unclassified. FOIA the hell out of everything the FBI knew about this. There is not much for they can redact on UNCLAS.


"The Denver-based company’s Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5 software was used in 69 counties in Michigan on Tuesday.

Dominion Voting Systems Inc. is one of three voting equipment vendors which control 88 percent of the U.S. market.

During congressional testimony in January, John Poulos, CEO of Dominion Voting Systems confirmed that the machines Dominion manufactures include components from China and noted the issue of foreign suppliers isn’t unique to the voting equipment industry.

“Several of those components, to our knowledge, there is no option for manufacturing those in the United States,” Poulos said.


IN MAY 2022, I widely published my first-in-the-nation groundbreaking research titled: "Sumpter-Haw" - that exposed Dark Money in our elections.....(aka "ZUCKBUCKS".

(Here in Maryland it happened during the period when REPUBLICANS controlled the State Board of Elections and every single county Boards of Election....and did for 8 YEARS straight).

and I shared my discoveries with grassroots election integrity activists around the country (Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania, name a few and the evidence has served as the foundation in a number of high profile Election lawsuits - State & Federal).....My research has withstood scrutiny by legal and technical scholars and these cases HAVE NEVER been adjudicated or dismissed over the merits of my evidence!

SINCE then the "Limelighters" and those engaged in misdirection (on BOTH sides of the political aisle) have tried their best to HIDE THE TRUTH and undermine the precision work of real research investigators such as myself.....including coordinated personal assaults on me and my associates using corrupt politicians and compromised judges and the criminal judicial syndicate. I have been publicly persecuted, libelled by two Governors (and assorted other "SE-LECTED" Party officials) running programs to silence me.

✅ TIME & TRUTH will always win in the end as long as there are people with courage willing to stand their ground and document the evidence.....for history to remember.


THIS MORNING November 10, 2023 I received this video from a friend. I don't know how long it will be accessible but it is at this posting....I also find a number of things just "not kosher" with some of the information but there is a modicum of corroborating details easily researched that lends threads of truth to the story. It's at least an accounting of international intrigue that is sure to hold your attention. #NewtonSaidIt

ONE of the things that readily jumped out and coincides with my own findings - Early in the testimony was the statement: we sit and wait until "WE ARE TOLD" the results of elections. Something I've written myself on many occasions going back over a decade of my Election Integrity activities as one of the reasons to distrust all results.

OTHER details are disclosed about Cambridge Analytica..... something I've written about often going back to 2012 & 2014 when Obama was "harnessing" (or I should say - "harvesting") personal data from social media platforms and using it to target voters....not just with political commercials but with propaganda devised to "re-train" the public's beliefs.

It was certainly well known to those of us who were NOT ASLEEP that Cambridge Analytica was owned by Steve Bannon.....Now ask yourself after the political waters have run under the bridge since and the history of Bannon's legal problems, his past associations (Obama, Zuckerberg et al)..... AND inside the Trump orbit: Isn't it interestingly coincidental that Trump finds himself embroiled in so many lawsuits brought by the same global political class that has controlled ELECTIONS for decades⁉️

♦️The attached Washington Times story above from 2018 appears to claim:

THERE WAS AN "UNHOLY" CONNECTION TO OBAMA & BANNON VIA CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA.....and the Obama/Clinton Democrats were upset when Trump supposedly exploited the same data Obama did!

"Cambridge Analytica, formerly led by ex-White House strategist Steve Bannon, denies that it used any Facebook data for the Trump campaign in 2016. The firm says it deleted all the information when it learned that the academic researcher shouldn’t have sold the data to the company.

“This isn’t a spy movie,” the company said on Twitter. “We’re a data analytics company doing research & analysis on commercial, public and data sets for clients.”"

"Democrats, overlooking the fact that President Obama’s re-election campaign pioneered data mining of social media to reach voters younger than 30, see a sinister development in the Trump campaign’s reported use of the information.

Rep. James A. Hines, Connecticut Democrat and a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which has interviewed Mr. Bannon, said he cannot believe that a company formerly run by Mr. Bannon and owned by wealthy Republican donor Robert Mercer would not have exploited the Facebook data to Mr. Trump’s advantage.

“That work was used,” Mr. Himes said Monday on CNN. “By whom, and exactly when, I’m not sure. [But] that work was used.”

Cambridge Analytica said Mr. Obama’s 2008 campaign “was famously data-driven, pioneered microtargeting in 2012, talking to people specifically based on the issues they care about.”"


THERE'S really so much more to show you.....but for now I'll let you get back to your 😴......

"when the bough breaks, the cradle will fall......and DOWN WILL COME BABY, AMERICA AND ALL.....". 🎶

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