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February 27, 2024

In the last 48 hours.....

In what is known as the Stephens decision, the Court of Criminal Appeals ruled that Paxton did not have the authority to take over and prosecute a campaign finance allegation stemming from the 2016 election.

Under the Texas Constitution, the Attorney General is not allowed to prosecute cases involving criminal charges. That authority is left to district and county prosecutors, including dominion over election-related crimes. But these local Courts REFUSE to prosecute these cases....and I think we all can guess why.

Paxton wants to change the membership of the State Court. They might be compromised..... I'm with AG Paxton‼️

👉🏽 APPARENTLY there has been hundreds of cases of Election Fraud charges and indictments brought by Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General. You know, the kind authorities say are "not widespread". 🤔

The AG relies on a 1985 State law that grants the AG's office the authority to take over (intervene), prosecute criminal cases. But the State Court has ruled, the AG's office is "part of the Executive Branch" and Separation of Powers prevents the AG from prosecuting these cases‼️

...... altogether now, let's say WTF⁉️

⭐Now the "Stephens Decision" contains some interesting reading:

"The Texas Constitution establishes the offices of County and District Attorneys under the “Judicial” department of government, and it provides that those officers “shall represent the State in all cases in the District and inferior courts in their respective counties . . .” TEX. CONST. art. V, § 21.

The Attorney General (hereinafter, “AG”) is a “person” established within the “Executive” department. Notwithstanding this arrangement, Section 273.021(a) of the Election Code, which was first enacted in 1985, expressly provides that “[t]he Attorney General may prosecute a criminal offense prescribed by the election laws of this state.”

TEX. ELECTION CODE §273.021(a). Subsection (b) of this provision likewise authorizes the AG to appear before a grand jury in connection with prosecuting such offenses, and Subsection (c) provides that the AG’s authority in these regards is not exclusive; that is to say, it “does not affect the authority derived from other law to prosecute the same offenses.” Id, (b) & (c)."

🤔 So what's the problem here, unless these judges DO NOT WANT ELECTION FRAUD CASES to be heard⁉️

✳️ Attached is the Maryland Executive Branch chart per MD Archives which shows the AG is part of the Executive Branch....what I find particularly funny & disturbing is shown in blue.

The "voters" are listed below the Governor, 2nd overall.

♦️ This still begs the question: why was the Office of the Maryland AG, Linda Lamone's attorney everytime I sued her for violating Maryland Election Law?🤔

.....Oh I remember now. Maryland government officials ARE ABOVE THE LAW..... #NewtonSaidIt


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