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TO THE ATTENTION OF - The Baltimore County Republican Central Committee/Ethics Subcommittee/Leo Thuman, Chairman.

THIS complaint has already been provided to the Maryland State Republican Party. Please take that under advisement and address it at your very next BCRCC Ethics Subcommittee meeting.


✅ February 17, 2024.....


Patricia Fallon should RESIGN,     


as Chairwoman of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee (BCRCC) after she participated (and lead) the body by VIOLATING the listed Maryland State Election laws, County & State Party Bylaws.

(Together with Raymond Boccelli & Kathleen Smero, also members, for their part in violating the law)‼️

✳️AT ISSUE - Principle Obligation by the County Party.

🚫 Count 1....



"The Central Committee shall have as its PRINCIPAL OBLIGATION to provide the successful Republican candidates of the primary election with a party organization of such depth and capability to ENSURE the maximum effort on behalf of the Republican candidates in the general election."

♦️ SYNOPSIS - On July 19, 2022 

                 WILLIAM T. NEWTON, became the undisputed winner, the Republican Nominee in the Republican Party Primary Election for State Senate/District 10. 

Subsequently, NOBODY serving on the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee contacted Newton in any manner to congratulate, volunteer thereafter or complied with the Party's PRINCIPAL OBLIGATION as required by Section H of the above cited law:  "to provide the successful Republican candidates of the primary election with a party organization of such depth and capability to ENSURE the maximum effort on behalf of the Republican candidates in the general election". 

👉🏽 This is despite Mr. Newton delivering to the County Party Committee via certified/registered (notorized August 01, 2022) letter dated July 24, 2022 - 5 days after the Republican Primary - outlining his expectations FROM the County Party based on the clear citing of Section H of the Bylaws.

👉🏽 Having received ZERO SUPPORT, Newton LOST the General Election to fill that open seat on November 08, 2022.



✳️ AT ISSUE: The Central Committee shall act in filling vacancies in public office as provided by Maryland law.

🚫 Count 2....



"The Central Committee shall, every four years, upon the request of the Governor, designate one eligible person , who is a registered member of the Republican Party in Baltimore County, FOR EACH POSITION on the Board of Supervisors of Elections of Baltimore County which the Election Code requires to be filled by a Republican. 

THE DESIGNATION SHALL BE BY A SIMPLE MAJORITY of those members present and voting. The person so designated shall report to the Committee on Board information and activities at least semi-annually. The Central Committee shall also designate an alternate person to the Board of Supervisors of Elections of Baltimore County."

♦️ SYNOPSIS - After the body of the whole, Central Committee VOTED confirming "by a simple majority",    

                WILLIAM T. NEWTON,

for an open position on the Board of Supervisors of Elections of Baltimore County, Patricia Fallon, along with the assistance and support of certain other (as yet unnamed) members then engaged in an illegal act to undermine the results of that legally binding selection process, by going forward with several added votes using a RANKED CHOICE VOTING procedure until WILLIAM T. NEWTON was "counted" out, in violation of the above citing.....

👉🏽 In the end, person(s) who scored at the bottom of the original and only certified vote, were then designated to fill the vacancy.


THOSE ACTIVITIES ABOVE, besides being clear violations of law, are an affront AND an insult to EVERY Republican candidate who steps up, registers, competes out-of-pocket in the Party's Primary system to attain the NOMINATION to represent the Party in the General Election....only to be shunned, have their rights as the Party's nominee and expectations as stated per the Bylaws and laws of the State of Maryland regarding a political party, VIOLATED & IGNORED‼️

ADDITIONALLY, Newton invited the entire BCRCC, and specifically the Legislative District 10/ Baltimore County Councilmatic Districts 3-4 Republican Central Committee Representatives to participate with him in the Reisterstown Parade in support of his Senate campaign.....and NOT ONE of the 28 Central Committee members (or alternates) attended, including Reisterstown area BCRCC members Al Mendelsohn, J. Michael Collins, Kim Bryant or Charlene Merrill.....nor did Chairwoman Patricia Fallon, who lives 4 miles from the parade route.

FOR THESE reasons and others not outlined herein (thus reserving the right to amend my demand), 

I, William T. Newton

Respectfully submit the above and request a response outlining the Party's plan to address my claims as soon a possible.

cc: and I challenge EVERY elected/appointed member of the BCRCC (and any other interested person or affected Baltimore County Republican candidate and registered voter) to take responsibility and demand the same as I've outlined in this complaint.

 ✳️ - AND have since made public.

NOTE: as a candidate/nominee directly affected in the most recent election cycle, I have the requisite standing to bring this complaint. 

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