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TUESDAY September 12, 2023

Edition #106

A Commentary


“The flak only gets heavy when you’re over the target.” ~ Anonymous WWII Bomber Pilot


beats a log in the eye.....everytime." 😉

When those who profess to be of a higher professional, moral and ethical character sit in judgement of others.....they ought to think twice or risk the same judgement upon themselves.

For example..... let's first review a more recent exposé from Launch Liberty by Troy Smith that cover a particular individual (on the right in red shirt) who has demonstrated using the "system" to his advantage.and having a high opinion of himself.....

Let me introduce the "Dean of Politics" as he refers to himself.

♦️NOW attached you'll find business information that's publicly available with a few "clicks" of a large financial judgement levied AGAINST the DEFENDANT by the Court for what appears to be from a failure to pay his debts......

♦️MOST people would read from the record that the Court Order against him (and his businesses, "et Al", pardon the pun) was never satisfied. (NOT PAID)‼️

♦️ FURTHER it appears he was able to "dodge" paying his Court ordered RESTITUTION by simply "forfeited" his business entities...through possibly a bankruptcy or after draining the assets and property out of the company causing it to be valueless and so a judgment becomes unenforceable.....

✳️ While some details of the referenced case (discoverable through public access can't be stated with absolute certainty without reviewing the actual court file), this leaves much to the imagination.

There are recent examples of THIS person and some of his "associates" writing their own conclusions while "judging" others.....Here I am only presenting the evidence of what are the known facts.....but my OPINION based on years of personal first-hand interaction is that this individual IS a despicable piece of shit‼️(and don't forget, he was also sued for DEFAMATION).

In view of the recent Launch Liberty story and the other public information provided here and elsewhere, any reasonable person might infer there MUST be more details that provide tangible proof of concern for anyone that makes the poor decision to either do "business" with him or become associated politically with him. But that's not for me to say.....🤔 That's on y'all.

👉🏽BUT I can point out that while he's a multiple business "operator" mogul/owner/resident agent and financial powerhouse, he did take advantage of $9200.00 of YOUR tax dollars by applying for Federal PPP COVID relief money as the only "employee" of his insurance company (operating out of his home garage I've heard)..... Nothing to see here because THAT "loan" was FORGIVEN‼️

DONTCHA wonder how many other "overlapping" time cards he punches for income benefits...❓

(You know...working more than one job AT THE SAME TIME).

Please keep in mind there's a pretty BIG difference between a person who executes their legally bound duties directed by a Durable Power of Attorney and someone, (like the subject of this commentary) who DOES NOT accept responsibility for their obvious deceit; THAT is an example of cowardice and blatant lack of integrity.

HEY but who am I to judge? I just tell the TRUTH....that has a better sting‼️ 🐝


It appears from the attached case log.....the judgement WAS NEVER PAID....‼️

♦️Under Maryland law, a judgment is only valid for 12 years. If a PLAINTIFF has not been able to collect the judgment within that time, they'd have to renew the judgment to continue any collection efforts.

It also appears from the record, immediately after the 12 year period elapsed, the claim was dismissed. It's impossible to collect a dept from a company, that has no assets, has forfeited it's license and has been left barren to creditors.

Go figure......

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