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SUNDAY February 18, 2024

Edition # 125


“The flak only gets heavy when you’re over the target.” ~ Anonymous WWII Bomber Pilot


(The End of Free Speech)

The other day I had a rather long discussion with a friend whose background and points of view are often framed by his War College studies and training in military strategy. We concluded that the "skirmishes" we engage in today over Election Integrity is more often than not in the arena of public opinion and not necessarily in the courtroom "trenches" as we did in the past.

And so, over the most recent few years Maryland 20-20 Watch's strategy has steadily gravitated toward educational outreach instead of litigation.

To our own detriment this subject of our interest, our evolving examination of election fraud has taken the position that the true enemy IS the censorship of our Freedom to speak; our foundational right to express our discoveries with the masses. In essence, it's our Freedom that has declared WAR on our Freedom.

I often utter to friends when I attempt to forewarn them of some perceived impending doom, the phrase: "nothing good will come of this".

(Attributed to Nathanael in John 1:46). 📖

On the heels of that strategy discussion, I was sent this very recent Tucker Carlson interview with Mike Benz.....

Every once in awhile, "hitting the nail on the head" is a quite exhilarating occupation when you are assured you've been on to something BEFORE it reached the critical mass of public awareness.

👉🏽 (Just like the issue of ELECTION INTEGRITY.... we were engaged in the research and the publication of our discoveries long before anyone accepted our findings....until, of course, the "2020 Trump" mess entered the public consciousness).

.....and here we are - in 2024 at the far edge of the universe that once encompassed, once defended and once revered we "boldly go" looking into the abyss as it stares back at us‼️

HERE ARE A FEW PLATFORMS you can listen to this most excellent interview.

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