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{this morning I am reposting a Commentary I wrote November 30, 2014...that seems so long ago but deserves repeating.}

#NewtonSaidIt and wrote it too‼️


MONDAY September 25, 2023

Edition # 108 - A Commentary


“The flak only gets heavy when you’re over the target.” ~ Anonymous WWII Bomber Pilot


“Yes to aggressive policing – to a point”. – That’s the phrase expressed by both Rudy Giuliani, the white ex-mayor of New York City and Marc Morial, the black ex-mayor of New Orleans, married to a CBS news correspondent.

Then Obama addressed it this way: “[There are] productive ways of responding and destructive ways of responding.”

Now that they have cleared that up, I can go about my day. But in my opinion on the first view expressed, limited use is a contradiction and shows no commitment to any model of engagement. That neither says I oppose it or that I am in favor of it, though!

On the second condescending view offered by the President I must respond it was a perfect example of his continued arrogance and a demonstration that he believes in his own superiority over all of us…..not just the less attentive or ignorant but also the opposite of what our capable society assembles - perceptive and cultured human beings.

The First Amendment to the Constitution for the United States prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It says nothing about a “varying of degrees” with any of those rights.

While of course using those words: Prohibits, Impeding, Infringing, Abridging and Interfering all sound a bit restrictive don’t they? I can usually recount the activities of my day in some degree by saying I prohibited, impeded, infringed, abridged or interfered with something along the way. (That ought to muster a big –LOL!)

Yet this present Wimbledon-like volley between surviving parents and the media convenes on sets of the usual public ‘parry and return serves’ until the outcome is ramped into a distinct trophy of human regression. Once that level of reversion is achieved the haze of statistics begins to emerge. “100% of all murders are committed by people” and so on…..followed by it’s the gun’s fault or because the grip was blue!

We all ‘slave at the pleasure’ of our betters…….or our ruling class as some christen them. This is what happens when the rule of law is ignored – when the bottom up collides with the top down, when the representative process is over-ruled, when the Bill of Rights become “the bill of liability” instead of lading - recognizing our Freedoms. It is then that society wanders leaderless in a wasteland separated from their duty of citizenship. As in this “Fallout from Ferguson” (as Meet the Press calls it), responsibility is rejected by the community as surrogates of the loser in the confrontation. This is what happens when society experiences a push-back and the resulting encounters attempt to reestablish freedom; minus the duty which should have attended it due to our individual failure to remain vigilant about its preservation.

These disturbances we are experiencing are because we have become no better at rousing our responsibility for those freedoms than we are at safeguarding them. While it appears to many that we are an uncivilized nation, the reality is we are reawakening to our observance of those liberties and are in our infancy once again.

I wait for that bumper sticker which announces: “Your angel murdered my thug”. Or more simply: Parents failed, children die……it doesn’t matter whether it is by ‘aggressive policing’ or destructive personal conduct. It is not the duty of the “whole village” or a police force to introduce the trailing generation to the First Amendment and the responsibility it requires to take part in a civil society. Passive parenting forces the burden on the Governor, the National Guard or in some cases the Grand Jury and those institutions are not trained to help with homework or to establish bedtimes.

Liberty is an individual achievement and Freedom represents the choices that come with it; neither of which are superior when colorized. You are free to make whatever choice suits you but you are not at liberty to destroy mine.

Stop making guiltless excuses. Stop blindly litigating deceit. Teach responsibility in the home or it will be diverted in the street. Freedom can never be obtained in varying degrees or measured partway because the very nature of the word demands the opposite and must be gained complete or its existence terminates. Your survival is not relative to mine and will not undermine my freedom as each stands exclusive to the individual.

I am tired of the blatant lies and racial propaganda exploited with false narrative! Shut up and repair your respect for Liberty before you “no knock” assault mine. We do not need a conversation in this country about race, as some people demand; long before you insist on having it with me first try and join the human one.

As it is written in James 2:12 – “So speak and so act as those who are to be judged by the law of liberty.” postscript: Lincoln didn't actually "free" anyone. He just made slaves of us all when he violated the US Constitution‼️

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