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Tuesday February 13, 2024

Edition # 124


“The flak only gets heavy when you’re over the target.” ~ Anonymous WWII Bomber Pilot


(like American expansion West so will our knowledge of election fraud grow as more light shines on....the way ahead).


the story of Lewis & Clark, but

how much will you admit you know about the


I HAD ANTICIPATED there would be some snow this morning. It's above 40° and roads are clear. Despite the forecasts of doom it's nice to find that UNLIKE ELECTION FRAUD, this snow is NOT "widespread".

(But like Election Fraud, THERE IS snow, nonetheless). 😉

For the past decade or so I have been laser focused on our local/State/national election process....that includes the laws and the by-product: Lawfare.

I have "pioneered" the way long before really anyone else cared.

*(BEFORE the Trump 2020 era, that in fact, most are now seeking to grab the limelight over without availing themselves of the trove of facts.... the evidence, testimony on-the-record, the State and Federal lawsuits I have launched.....a chronical of the trials and tribulations I have endured...the dismissals from many (most) of the groups and people who NOW are fundraising, selling bullshit to advance their popularity within those groups......

I merged my expertise with Lewis Porter, Maryland 20-20 Watch a few years ago..... transferring my research, publications and knowledge to the current platforms I manage. We have engaged in public educational outreach meetings FREE OF CHARGE for years. In fact, everything has always been "out-of-pocket", FREE for everyone including proprietary published research (with attribution).

Like the early wagon trains cast the eye westward, before crossing the mountains, each and every one decided to follow the paths blazed by the first pioneers who endured the hardships ahead of them to save all who followed from the same mistakes, the time wasted finding ways to traverse rivers and untamed wilderness, I have along with Maryland 20-20 Watch have made available most ALL of our findings, access and training to our long established instructional template to avoid ALL of the same roadblocks that we have had to overcome.

♦️Over the past decade I've steered the narrative with evidence identifying the sources of propaganda, the people who actually as "gatekeepers" that shield the TRUTH from the people.

✳️ That narrative based on OUR evidence has taken the form of identifiers that are now part of the popular national conversation - "Election Fraud" instead of "Voter Fraud". "Corrupt INTERNAL Election Personnel" instead of foreign hackers & look boss "the machines, the machines". (In my best Tattoo from Fantasy Island voice).😎🌴

♦️ I've filed lawsuits out-of-pocket. Written briefs (amicus). Published (and summarized) rulings & the laws. I've kept the public and fledgling grassroots activists apprised in plain english, in realtime of the facts and nuances along the way about WHAT TO EXPECT should they decide to follow.

Unlike this morning's snowfall.....

♦️WHAT I DID NOT ANTICIPATE was that individuals and self-serving LIMELIGHTERS would stand on the "eastern side of the Great Divide" and decided: "Lets ignore the well travelled path cleared for us and do whatever we can do to make the journey as hard as possible.... beginning with NOT ever learning anything from those who went before us". Just so they could GAURANTEE DEFEAT‼️

♦️IN FACT, they're getting NOWHERE, just 2 years into THEIR own journey, cutting through some similar underbrush as we have, facing the same foes, meeting the same obstacles, the same false instructions and interference from the administration and courts We hoped they would avoid.

♦️We tried......but these shallow social clubs' and Limelighters' seemingly intentional disregard and ignorance of a "cleared path" has become as much a "pattern" to this seasoned researcher as the fantasy mathematics, deception, deflection and false claims caused by those same adversaries of Fair and Trustworthy elections that Maryland 20-20 Watch has fought with way before them.

👉🏽 This pattern (or "path") these start-up groups are following by wasting time on "voter rolls", capitulating to Ballot Harvesting activities and chasing the propaganda they're being directed to chase is only serving to obstruct and delay the larger Truth from seeing the full light of's gone beyond just being the useful idiots of the regime because "circling the wagons" has become impossible.....they've gone the wrong way.

✅ Maryland 20-20 Watch IS the standard. We have cleared the way, left outposts along the trail......and have reached the destination. Finding the Truth and passed it along. Our body of work and history is "in the books", and it's unmatched. Perhaps one day you might read about it....and learn something. WE HAVE....and boldly gone where others dared not to tread.

William T. Newton

Chief Research Investigator with


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