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Updated: Apr 29

{logged Wednesday APRIL 17, 2024}

In her answer to an FEC complaint (MUR7945) over her lavish use of campaign funds, while the FEC decided in it's opinion there was no wrongdoing, Klacik defended her (spending in one instance) as follows:

"...the disbursement to Pearl Events was for the Klacik Committee’s November 3, 2020 election night party. In the video Klacik explains the $119,000 cost of the party in that she “brought out Big and Rich, we had an event planner…cigar rollers…goody bags…Sagamore whiskey…tastings.” {quote end qoute from the official public record}.

✳️ Kinda unappreciative of her NOT inviting all those "underserved" people she was begging votes from down at Penn/North!😉

WELL I guess that's a description of Hollywood, red carpet politics.

Ya just can't take the girl out of the "club".

But it poses a larger concern - when people donate to political campaigns, it is done with the presumption, the expectation that their dollars will actually go to "winning" the election.

So doesn't it feel like betrayal when that money is thrown around like the proverbial "drunken sailor" for the benefit of (non-political excesses), self-indulgence, personal promotion to party with friends....celebrating a massive campaign loss?

......and in the end, had those campaign donations NOT been abused throughout her entire LAST campaign, perhaps her CURRENT political campaign wouldn't be in such SEVERE DEBT‼️

Not to worry though, she'll just ASK FOR MORE MONEY from you.😠 #OPM

(Probably HAD to run again just to pay off her debts). Just say'in....

♦️ADDITIONALLY, since all this is a matter of public record, including ALL those "amendments" to correct her finance "entities", her association and others who served dual roles and were paid out of numerous accounts..... You might choose to "buy" there's NOTHING to see here, but at least when she sued Candace for defamation, she LOST‼️

.... because a plain reading of the Court's ruling, NOTHING Candace said about Klacik was proven FALSE (and that includes those once thought spurious accusations).... sadly though, defending herself in a frivolous lawsuit that SHE initiated, it's permissable to pay the legal fees and the $115,000.00 judgement out of campaign donations.

How do you feel about that❓

👉🏾 (Don't forget, Klacik was also fined $12,081.00 by the FEC for failure to properly declare over $100,000.00 in campaign funds).

I'll continue to monitor campaign finance reports and in particular the upcoming "fundraiser" that advertises her appearance with 4 other candidates.... I'll be searching for those in-kind contribution claims they're required to file in their reporting or just how the collected donation$ benefitted the campaigns of each candidate that participated in the activity.....

Kinda gives some new meaning to the phrase: "MAKE IT RAIN"....💰 #NewtonSaidIt

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