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OCTOBER 07, 9:30 AM - Exclusive


and you allow THIS to continue‼️

Hampton Dellinger, previously worked alongside Hunter Biden at a law firm involved with energy company BURISMA Holdings.

Dellinger is a former Deputy Attorney General in the North Carolina Department of Justice and served as Chief Legal Counsel in the Office of the North Carolina Governor. In those roles, he assisted with investigations and initiatives to reduce Medicaid fraud, fight political corruption, and improve public services. 🤣

From July 2003 to January 2008, he was a partner with the firm Womble Carlyle

.......And do NOT ignore Hampton's father's connections -

As indicated as we go further down this "rabbit hole", Walter Dellinger, an anti-Trumper, was Mike Pence's legal advisor over the January 6th episode and testified as a witness against the J6 defendants.

♦️...... And there's a Maryland "connection" to DELLINGER, WOMBLE CARLYLE and Maryland's elections. 🤔

✳️ REMEMBER WHO Ehrlich's Appointment Secretary was....or his Communications Director❓😉

♦️....And a connection to ZUCKBUCKS and my exclusive research about Dark Money in our elections‼️(see the "KO" letter).

PROOF- Where you'll find my exclusive reveal of the "KO" letter and my research of ZUCKBUCKS in our Elections from May 2022, applied for and received by Republicans -

Where I first disclosed my findings on Facebook linking Hunter, Dellinger and Maryland. 10/07/23

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