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Contrary to what authorities in the Federal (and State) government would have you believe, OUR elections ARE NOT "the most secure in history".

FLORIDA's Board of Elections, like Maryland's (and many other states) operate without any real meaningful public oversight......and so when there is "oversight" it's done by legislative bureaucrats, appointed and "elected", who are in charge of it.

-William T. Newton

MARYLAND'S State Board of Elections has been operating via their own internal "certification" of voting apparatuses and results all while they have rejected required software upgrades; eventhough the Legislature has provided for it in budgets.

♦️I was the first (and only election integrity investigator) to publish the contracts and filings that proved FAILED & outdated software continues to be used (contracted THROUGH the 2024 Presidential election cycle).


♦️I have published one-of-a-kind proprietary research about the problematic and controversial ES&S optical scanners in use; the first to expose the failed certifications and DARK MONEY that has flowed into our state (and proof it was used for illegal "Get-Out-The-Vote" (GOTV) activities steered by appointed Republicans and the contracts awarded to politically well connected organizations by our Leftist longtime STATE BOARD OF ELECTIONS ADMINISTRATOR, LINDA LAMONE‼️

Except for me, *nobody else has lead the charge for her removal or had the courage to repeatedly sue her for the last decade.

✳️ HERE'S JUST A SAMPLING - I BEGAN IN 2013. I FILED MY FIRST LAWSUIT AGAINST HER FOR THE 2014 ELECTION CYCLE......(links to social media/Facebook posts):

William Newton v. Linda Lamone

(2013, 2014, 2016, 2023)

Maryland 20-20 Watch et al v. Maryland State Board of Elections (2023)

*(only very recently a candidate that lost a statewide race tepidly called for her resignation in a failed campaign stunt and a few other groups of "limelighters" have been trying to fundraise off of it, when claims of Election Fraud became popular).


♦️THEN on Saturday May 20, 2023,


Good to know somebody else has "discovered" some of the things we've already made public a couple of YEARS AGO.

May 2021‼️

I've been writing and publishing about the problems with ES&S since they replaced Diebold..... I was the first to publish the actual contracts 3 YEARS AGO as part of my proprietary investigations (that nobody had copies of)‼️

.....and further I have pointed out that even the company that certifies them, ITSELF WAS NOT CERTIFIED TO CERTIFY FEDERAL ELECTIONS.

So this is already known.....but I applaud their detail here. If only the "lazy fake media" would do their due diligence in the first place - this morning's "breaking news" WAS ALREADY PUBLISHED for years across a broad platform that we've called "the Internet". 🤣

Just look at the "click bait" headlines:

"Maryland Election technology may not be certified REQUIRING IMMEDIATE DECERTIFICATION..."🤔

.....So if it's NOT "certified" then why would it require "decertification"..... {Journalists}‼️

HERE'S THE TAIL END of a part of the long-term research I've published (from 2020) about the corrupt "certification" process related to Maryland.


✳️ My research uncovered that the Easton Gazette is owned by CDMedia Group AKA Creative DestructionMedia owned by Russian media platform - the "Editor" is L. Todd Wood....let that sink in.

I have reached out to the "Easton Times" and provided my credentials and contact information but have not received their response at the time of this post.....if they contact me for follow-up comment, I'll update as necessary. William T Newton


♦️AND my State Committee's 2017 published "Report of Findings with Recommendations" provided proof of FRAUDULENT elections supported by a CORRUPT Judiciary.

I have been the ONLY person to identify CORRUPT INTERNAL ELECTION PERSONNEL #CIEP as the true political and criminal syndicate......

UNLIKE Florida, the Maryland State Republican Party (at least under the previous Chairman) along with Republican Representatives at every level of government (including 2 term "Republican" Governor Larry Hogan) DID NOTHING despite being provided the evidence by me and Maryland 20-20 Watch, the state's only legitimate nationally recognized Election Integrity research & education organization with a decade of experience and publications.

The Maryland Republican Party and it's subservient local Party apparatus (the County Party Central Committees) instead pursue useless activities such as door knocking, complaining about Voter Rolls all geared toward capturing information to establish a larger donor base and fundraising.....that does nothing to affect the laws and regulations necessary to insure trust in our elections; an added feature of the State Party and County Central Committees is teaching the rank & file to BE MORE LIKE DEMOCRATS & THE "RINO" CLASS OF POLITICIANS.

I urge you to take the time and discover what the FLORIDA REPUBLICAN PARTY is doing to address these issues - head on and full throated.....

And demand that your Maryland Republican Representatives do something MEANINGFUL for once in it's pitiful existence....a good idea might be to learn from those states like Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas and others that have shown our nation what patriotism, activism and constitutional rights ARE.

⚠️Maryland Republicans once again are NOT positioned to protect anything and again in 2024 will be just as irrelevant as it will be in 2026; as they have been in the past.

⚠️Maryland Republicans have chosen self promotion , self enrichment and "make work" folly that merely shuffles papers and rearranges the deck chairs on the Party's sinking ship.





Contact:  Lou Marin, FRA Executive Vice


Tallahassee – FRA has uncovered that the Florida Secretary of State, Division of Elections, has NOT been in compliance with both federal and state laws.  They have violated Florida Statute 101.015 section 7 for NOT keeping our voting system certification standards up to date.  The statute clearly states that the Division of Elections SHALL review, update, and ensure that new technologies are appropriately certified for ALL elections in a timely manner. 

♦️Grotesquely, they are using outdated 19-year-old standards and protocols dated 2005 to certify elections; which leaves our elections unprotected and vulnerable to cyber weapon attacks.  

Since 2005, technology has greatly changed, and there have been systemic and pervasive threats and occurrences of cyber-attacks and system breaches in government and private industry.  The Florida  Secretary of State has NOT addressed these dangers, and NOT acknowledged the major cyber security threats to our election systems. 

♦️The department continues to rely upon 19-year-old obsolete security standards.  Further research indicates the Florida Secretary of State has NOT been compliant to federal law “The Help America Vote Act” a/k/a “HAVA” that creates new mandatory minimum standards for states to follow in several key areas of election administration.  The law provides funding to help states meet these new standards, replace voting systems, and improve election administration.  To date Florida has received approximately $40 million dollars in HAVA funding and states who fail to use the funding properly are subject to reimburse the federal government.  Moreover, the Florida Auditor General advised in their report to the Secretary of State of numerous deficiencies, all of which were ignored dating back to 2006.

 FRA has investigated cyber security threats to election systems and consulted with Clay Parikh, one of the foremost experts in the United States regarding election systems cyber security and who was involved in testing seven (7) different election system vendors over the nine (9) years he worked at federally recognized testing facilities.  Three major vulnerabilities of relying upon the 2005 standards are 1) the pervasive use of wireless technology is now ubiquitous and the 2005 standards do not address it;  2) the supply chain of components of election technology is almost wholly outside the purview of either state or federal officials; 3) there is a lack of Secretary of State oversight of the private party distribution of election systems from vendors to voters, which is not addressed by the 2005 standards at all.  Rebuttal Video to Florida Secretary of State testimony.

The testimony on December 7, 2023, of Secretary of State Cord Byrd and Division of Elections Director Maria Matthews as “certification experts” when they have no certifications or credentials in election cyber security is a misrepresentation.

In addition,  they openly admitted to the Florida House of Representatives Ethics Committee that they have no certification experts in the office, which violates Florida Statute 282.318 Cybersecurity.

Secretary Byrd and Division of Elections Director Maria Matthews have violated their oath of office and constitutional duties by delegating their responsibility to vendors and corporations while requiring NO cyber security oversight. 

They have failed to keep up with current technology in maintaining our security standards, protocols, and protecting Floridians’ most sacred right; which is our First Amendment. This incompetent behavior, blatant disregard for the law, and dereliction to duty warrants nothing less than the immediate resignations and replacement of Cord Byrd and Maria Matthews.  

Lastly, FRA calls on Governor DeSantis to investigate these gross violations.  We also call on Governor DeSantis to suspend and warehouse all election equipment indefinitely pending investigation and alternatively implement watermarked serialized ballots, subject to hand count procedures immediately.  To continue to conduct and certify elections with 19-year-old standards is illegal and subject to lawsuits.      

Florida Republican Assembly, a Chartered Affiliate of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) is a political organization which promotes conservative principles and candidates within the Republican Party.

...... WHILE THE MARYLAND REPUBLICAN PARTY along with their impotent and irrelevant County Central Committees only promote FAILURE, COWARDICE and continues to secure only the positions of their entrenched corrupt establishment party hacks, who lack principles, refuse to follow their oath and ignore the Party Bylaws.


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