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Saturday MARCH 30, 2024

♦️ Weekend Update Edition # 135


“The flak only gets heavy when you’re over the target.” ~ Anonymous WWII Bomber Pilot


MAY 10, 2019 - "When [Donald Trump's] presidential re-election campaign publicly called this week for the authorities to investigate “alleged scam groups” that funneled money meant for the President into their “own pockets,” IT WAS DIRECTED at Mr. Dave Bossie, one of Mr. Trump’s earliest advisers.

👉🏾(The move was a response to a report by Axios):

"".... that Mr. Bossie, who runs the group Presidential Coalition, used money raised for Mr. Trump’s re-election to pay his own salary and buy copies of his book.😮

Mr. Bossie is now facing blowback not just from the Trump campaign, but also from some of the organizations affiliated with it. That includes the Republican National Committee, where Mr. Bossie serves as a member from Maryland."" {the report said}


✳️ and likely will be RE-APPOINTED in this Spring's Maryland Republican State Party Convention....along with his cohort NATIONAL CommitteeWOMAN Nicolee Ambrose - the severely compromised, self-serving, anti-Trump, Voting Systems & Technology CoChair of the Ronna "McRomney" failed RNC Election Integrity group.....


BUT THE BOSSIE STORY GOES BACK A LONG WAY....with many examples of questionable activities.

Besides the above story where Bossie had a falling out with the Trump campaign and administration in May 2019 after Axios reported that Bossie had been accused by the Internal Revenue Service of defrauding political donors by funneling their donations to himself through consultants and book sales...there were others.

FEW PEOPLE REMEMBER his sordid history -

BOSSIE in the 1980's had close ties to Floyd Brown - the agitator and conspiracy theorist who created the notorious 1988 Willie Horton political ad against Michael Dukakis.

✳️(BOSSIE, who holds close ties to the Larry Hogan supported establishment candidates and former MDGOP Chairman Haire, is on record calling moderate Maryland Republicans, "squishes"....Big Contradiction there.

In 1992, Bossie joined Citizens United as a researcher, during which time Citizens United produced many films promoting Republican perspectives and talking points. There, he co-opted the group by staging a "take over" and used it as a platform for his own personal pursuits. (Pretty much like what he's been doing with his time as the national liaison for the Maryland Republican Party).

Later in the 1990s, Bossie had a troubled turn as congressional investigator.

Bossie was hired by the chairman of the House Committee on Government Reform and new Oversight in 1997 as chief investigator to look into possible campaign finance abuses by U.S. President Bill Clinton.

✳️ (A 1997 news story said Bossie: "investigates campaign fund-raising abuses" - something I guess he's decided to ignore based on those he associates with these days in the Maryland Republican Party). 🤔

✳️ The Committee's Chief counsel, John P. Rowley III, and other top Republican staffers QUIT the House investigation, complaining of Bossie's "unprofessionalism" and "self-promotion."

During this period at the height of the Whitewater investigation, Bossie ran into trouble by leaking the phone logs of John Huang to the Press, a Commerce Department official and Bossie was reprimanded for it.

One Republican staffer with the Committee said there was some "skittishness" among GOP members. "Their concern over Bossie is very real and continued," the aide said‼️

Then in May 1998, BIPARTISAN concern mounted over inappropriate redaction of tapes and transcripts of former U.S. Associate AG Webster Hubbell's prison telephone calls OMITTING SOME EXCULPATORY PASSAGES.

[Exculpatory evidence is evidence favorable to the defendant in a criminal trial that exonerates or tends to exonerate the defendant of guilt.]

♦️Newt Gingrich pressed for Bossie's resignation which followed shortly thereafter.

I HAVE SO MANY MORE EXTENSIVE FILES.....too much to cover here, but in closing for now, let me offer these remarks ------

Once upon-a-time it was possible for me and others to admire a dogged political investigator like Bossie as he's made out to be.....but when the reputation of the person doing the research is spoiled due to a corrupt motive, bias and unprincipled activities (and by some measure illegal), the author loses all credibility.

When it comes to Trump's Enemies ...."Drain the Swamp" he says....


👉🏾 and I have a list of others too.

.....keep in mind, I AM THE PERSON who gave Bossie, my MDREIC REPORT investigation back in 2017 about ELECTION FRAUD AND HE DID NOTHING ABOUT IT⚠️

But he did released his movie, "RIGGED" - in 2022 ......

♦️ AFTER I PUBLISHED my groundbreaking research titled: "Sumpter-Haw"

(about the ZUCKBUCKS plot).

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