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Ms. Kelley in elected office for over 30 years - RETIRES leaving the District 10 Senate seat VACANT!

KELLEY, now 86 was born in Virginia has been in the Maryland Legislature for 31 years (House of Delegates 1991-1995 & Senate 1995-2022). Think about that for a minute...... I won't begrudge her legacy as the list is long but that's a long time at the government trough. (One could only hope that with a lifetime in the Maryland Legislature something should have been accomplished......and I recognize she leaves some big shoes to fill....but keep in mind, those achievements were, after all, 30 years in the making). I have no intention of being in elective office FOR THAT LONG! That I promise. The Political Class has already decided who they want to "move up" and reward for DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING over his 8 YEARS AS A DELEGATE. He also was NOT born in my district OR the State of Maryland....this matters to me as a member of this community because I feel its important to have ties with the area, the people and it's history......With his "padded" resume he's addressed NOTHING that didn't benefit his own personal business interests and I can see NO REASON to reward him or to 'taint' the legacy and career of Delores G. Kelley. For 8 years we have witnessed the inaction of someone who clearly doesn't deserve to move up into this position. (I'll elaborate on him in my future "blog" posts). WITH THAT, I thank Senator Kelley for her time in the Maryland Legislature but ITS A NEW ERA to represent the changing interests of the people in District 10, to STOP favoring corporate interests and begin to safeguard our neighborhoods, community, local entrepreneurs, our children and property investments; all of which are facing new challenges requiring immediate action.

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