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SUNDAY October 01, 2023

Edition # 110 from William Newton

“The flak only gets heavy when you’re over the target.” ~ Anonymous WWII Bomber Pilot


SOURCES TELL ME that because I "refuse to work with" THEM that "it's because of MY ego".......‼️ 🤣

THIS comes after establishing myself as a nationally known researcher (and some say expert) for a decade on the subject of Election Integrity; long before it was "fashionable" or even accepted.....

FACT is for many years, I was ignored by THEM, shouted down by THEM, laughed at by THEM, minimized by THEM...and certainly NEVER helped by THEM - that still continues even today. 🤔

AND SO my "pride of accomplishment" aside, THEY ASK NOW:

Why don't I "JOIN THEM"❓🤣

(and when I don't, THEY disparage me AGAIN)....

👇🏽My questions are:

1) Why would anyone in their right mind join a bunch of clowns...unless they were also a clown❓

2) What purpose does it serve when there's truly no reason to "join" some other group (except maybe to provide THEM unearned credibility) as all of my proprietary research is public and free to anyone that provides the source and attribution❓

✳️ So "joining" THEM or not really hasn't bothered THEM apparently, since they've either outright ignored the published research....or outright stolen it‼️

THE reason I don't "join them" is NOT because of MY ego. It's because in spite of my attempts to freely educate THEM, they remain incompetent, unaccomplished rookies chasing half-baked DISPROVEN theories, claims and meritless "evidence"; repeatedly debunked and rejected by courts (and by most intelligent people).



.....another TRUTH conviently being IGNORED, while a State Party noted anti-Trumper Committeewoman misdirects the attention of voters with her "take over" of Election Integrity issues.....

♦️In 2017, I was the Founder of the first-of-its-kind, Maryland State Republican Election Integrity Committee....

✳️No small achievement in itself due to Party Bylaws & Rules and other hurdles but the biggest achievement was IT DELIVERED ON IT'S MISSION‼️

Under my leadership, "the Committee" over the course of a year, investigated problems in our elections....covering a period of 10 YEARS⚠️

That work employed the use of public input meetings around the state, accepting testimony, review of laws & legislation.....then publishing (without bias or deference to political Party), a comprehensive "Report with Recommendations". (The MDREIC REPORT).

ALONG the way, our Committee's membership was "infiltrated" by Party appointments designed to undermine and derail our findings....without success, they soon resigned/abandoned or just walked away.

When THEIR efforts failed to silence the truth, the former State Party Chairman tried to prevent the publication of those fact-based findings, it became necessary for me to preserve the facts and to copyright the research then bear the expense of SELF-PUBLISHING it‼️

(essentially owning it).

✳️ The Chairman demanded "editorial privilege" over the content.... because our findings in part implicated Governor Hogan for his failures to address election fraud and corruption after being served 5 petitions with unimpeachable evidence.... AND our findings were confirmed via legislative audit.

THE MDREIC REPORT was published, bound and distributed to the public within the State and throughout the Nation beginning October 2017. (Paid for out-of-pocket by me & the co-chair).....

Governor Larry Hogan, the Attorney General, State Board of Elections, President of State Senate (and all it's members), Speaker of the Maryland House (and all it's members), every elected Maryland member of Congress.....members of the media and was then presented to the entire Maryland Republican Party IN CONVENTION‼️

A short time later, as the Committee's mission was fulfilled, I joined Maryland 20-20 Watch to continue the work as Chief Research Investigator. For a few years now, I run the day-to-day operation.

THE work involves publishing reports, presenting testimony for legislative hearings (nationwide), Amicus briefs to judicial proceedings with evidence, coordinating/communicating directly with legitimate grassroots election integrity groups across the nation, providing our up-to-date data/findings/research/discoveries and the successful investigative templates we use to assist others navigating the process and there by avoiding the opposition's organized efforts that we have learned over the past decade.

♦️As a result of my dedicated efforts and expertise, I became a contributor to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity (Trump administration).

SO to address head on, any accusation that I "refuse to work with THEM".....because of MY EGO:

Well I have NO reason to "work with" ANYONE (or alleged Election Integrity group) that shovels bullshit conspiracies, crackpot theoretical mathematics, previously disproven and inadmissible "evidence" who simply engage in limelighting and money chasing celebdom who IGNORE THE FACTS ALREADY IN EVIDENCE.

PS - No election research that I have ever published or evidence I've provided in court or hearings has been ruled "without merit".

👉🏽 I might add to the inaccurate narrative being circulated by THEM, that I am "nowhere to be found"....FUNNY how it didn't stop THEM from misappropriation of my RECENT groundbreaking research, "Sumpter-Haw", exposing Dark Money in our elections and presenting it AS THEIR OWN at the Lindell symposium‼️

👉🏽(When asked by the narrator to explain "their" research, THEY COULDN'T).🥸



✳️ (Just look for THEM once the lights and cameras go away - and money disappears). 😉

♦️ Please review the attachments that corrects the assertions of the limelighters & clowns, who are attempting to misdirect you away from the facts we've proven, time and time's the CORRUPT INTERNAL ELECTION PERSONNEL with their help that NOTHING has been done to SECURE our elections.

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